What if you use…? A brain warming game

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Warming brains is an important part of any innovation session, even more so if we are talking about an ideation one. WakeUpBrain is an incredible tool to do exactly that. Here is a good brain warming game.

What if you use this as that?

Take two WakeUpBrain inspiration cards and play the game asking:

What if you use this (mention the element present on the first one) as that (mention the element present on the second one)?

For example, lets say that you picked the two cards above

Now you can ask:

What if you use a die as a lemon?

Everyone in the group must think an answer to that question.

For example:

  • You will have a dotted juice
  • You would get a random flavor
  • You are going to need really sharp knife to open it
  • Etc.

The order is not important. If you ask: What if you use a lemon as a die? You will get different (but always funny) answers.

Let everyone express her/his answer. If you are working with a small group you can let them present to the entire group. If you are working in a big group, instruct them to present only to the ones nearby. Don´t forget to congratulate every one for their ideas.


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