Have a culture of innovation

To consolidate a culture of innovation is one of the great challenges of the organizations. But is it necessary to have a complete process of ' cultural change ' to achieve this?

The WakeUpCulture model poses a practical path, based on the recourse of the main competencies related to a robust culture of innovation

  • Collaboration: the ability to combine the knowledge, capacities and visions of all the people of the Organization to create new ways of action
  • Competence: The ability to focus creative efforts on creating real competitive advantages. It is understood that a prospective client has many options and we must win his heart.
  • Learning: The ability to put high goals and achieve them. It is the organization that enjoys planning and achieving a path of progress.
  • exploration: Ability to experiment, ease find new ways and adapt to new game rules

How to be excellent ineach of the key elementsof innovation?

Motivation Profiles

WakeUpCulture uses motivational profiles according to people's playful style to design strategies, actions, spaces, that promote the behaviors related to the culture of innovation

Do you want to know your playful style?

Take the WakeUpCulture TEST of playful styles here:

Test WakeUpBrain Playful Style

Motivational profile of the organization

Is your organization designed to deeply motivate people to innovate? Innovation should be a way of doing things, an action that people undertake voluntarily and very excited. Is that so in your organization?

If you want to measure the motivational profile of the organization and the alignment that this profile has with that of the people who make up your team, you can request it in the following link:

Measure the motivational profile of my organization

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