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WakeUpBrain Academy

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The WakeUpBrain Foundation. Created in the United States of America, it offers certifications in the WakeUpBrain methodology for innovation leaders, consultants, educators and innovation policy designers, through the Academies Network (WakeUpBrain Academy) at various locations in the World.

The levels offered at the academies are:

  • Facilitator WakeUpBrain (WakeUpBrain Facilitator)
  • Trainer WakeUpBrain (WakeUpBrain trainer)
  • Advanced trainer WakeUpBrain (Advanced WakeUpBrain Trainer)
  • WakeUpBrain Consultant (WakeUpBrain Consultant)
  • I-Tournament Master

The WakeUpBrain Virtual Academy (WakeUpBrain Academy – Online) offers training in the WakeUpBrain methodology easily accessible through any digital media, for those interested in learning to innovate using effective (and fun) tools.

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The online courses offered by the WakeUpBrain Academy have been designed by certified coaches in the WakeUpBrain methodology and experts in the use of games.


Directors of the WakeUpBrain Academy

Guillermo Solano. Director. Creator of the game and the WakeUpBrain methodology. Innovation expert. Author of the books I-Tournament and company sapiens. Author of the blog Www.jugarparainnovar.com. Coordinator of the Ibero-American Innovation Network.

Paola Angel. Methodological coordinator. Paola is internationally recognized for her contributions to the development of the innovation culture in the organizations. Author of the book "Brain Gymnasium". It has been a fundamental part in the development of the WakeUpBrain methodology since its beginnings.

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WakeUpBrain Academy Bogota

Director: Guillermo Solano


In charge of the innovation center firm, with more than 10 years of experience accompanying innovation processes. The WakeUpBrain Academy Bogotá was the first of the academies. It has more than 2000 graduate Brainers.

WakeUpBrain Academy San José

Directors: Silvia Brenes & Rubén Vega

silvia@wakeupbrain.com / ruben@wakeupbrain.com

A common word between the games and the innovation is... IMAGINATION»
In alliance with pure strategy, the firm that has transformed the way of managing the organizations in Costa Rica. Silvia Brenes and Rubén Vega have been pioneers in the promotion of innovation practices in the definition of business strategy, in the construction of strengthened corporate cultures and in support of entrepreneurship. Pure innovation!

WakeUpBrain Academy Guatemala

Director: Eliza Zaczkowska


"I'm craving to shape the future"
In charge of the New Business Alliance (TNBA), the group that has put to talk about innovation to Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Eliza Zaczkowska and Cristina Dominguez have captured their vision in an academy that is creating a new generation of innovators ready to take advantage of the challenges of the New times.

WakeUpBrain Academy Miami

Director: Ana Rojas


"Play to create, create to innovate and innovate to transcend"
The WakeUpBrain Academy Miami operates under the direction of the incredible Ana Rojas. After its history in the corporate world, Ana Rojas has revolutionized the organizational world with her visions that highlight the human potential
Not always taken advantage of all people. His Go fo it initiative has been a benchmark in the introduction of creativity, Mindfulness and empowerment. From Miami, this academy supports organizations across America to be more aware and more innovative.

WakeUpBrain Academy Mexico

Director: Víctor Reyes


Certified Collaboration Architect en Innovations Games de Silicon Valley. Fundador, co-fundador, iniciador y/o asesor de varias iniciativas de innovación y emprendimiento en México como Startup Weekend, The Founder Institute, Jardín de Innovación, StartBlueUp, BlueBox.

WakeUpBrain Academy Ecuador

Director: Roberto Esteves


WakeUpBrain Academy Chile

Director: Andres Utreras


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