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Comparte el juego, la creatividad y la innovación...

The WakeUpBrain game has revolutionized the way to make innovation in the world. It is the tool that allows to accelerate all the steps of an innovation process using games. From the definition of a problem to the prototyping of the final solution, through the detection of insights and innovation opportunities, as well as the generation, prioritization and optimization of the ideas. (In the WakeUpBrain language is what we call the macro process)

Hundreds of games that can be used in situations of all kinds for:

  • Generate truly original ideas
  • Achieve consensus on the real problem behind a situation
  • Identification of high potential innovation opportunities
  • Find a way to creatively "sell" an idea to potential sponsors
  • Develop creative power and mental flexibility
  • Reinforcing the culture of innovation
  • Test and validate concepts of new products, services or processes



You will receive:

  • Book WakeUpBrain Open with Introduction to methodology and instructions for making more than 50 games
  • The 62 original game cards, in their categories: inspiration. Council of Sages, action and specials





Do I need to do a course to use the game?

No. The book explains how to use the game to accelerate innovation.


Is the game designed to be used only in companies?

No. Although companies are big fans of the game WakeUpBrain (after all the companies have been the most interested in innovation from the beginning), the game can be used in all types of scenarios: to solve social challenges, institutions Education, working for capacity building in people, coaching sessions, etc.


is the game dependent on any language?

No. Although some cards bring some text (for example, the name of the sages, like Einstein), the players do not need to read anything to use them.

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