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This is an exercise that serves to generate new ideas from the idea that we already have. The goal is to create new ideas or improve the current idea by removing features, functionalities, parts, etc.



Submit a format to each participating team and ask them to write one of the ideas that are currently being taken to solve the problem in the box at the top of the format. If you already have several ideas, you can assign a different idea to each team. Then tell them you have 6 minutes to find 6 new ideas, which are born from taking things or features to the original. Some of the new ideas are simplified versions of the original idea. Others can be radically new ideas. Encourage to be risky by eliminating things they consider essential. Invite to not eliminate the obvious.



Many of the ideas that emerge from this game can be innovative concepts of high potential. Let The teams present the two or three that they consider more revolutionary and with greater opportunity to be successful in the market.



Download the PDF format at the following link. The format is in large size (1/4 of spread)

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