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This is an exercise that serves to generate new ideas from the idea we already have. The aim is to lead the individuals to wonder if there is any idea that can be considered "opposed" to the original idea and which will also serve as a possible idea to consider.



Give a format to each participating team and ask them to write down one of the ideas that are currently available to solve the problem in the box on the left side of the format. Then tell them they have 5 minutes to find 5 ideas "opposite" to the original idea. When doing the exercise, participants realize that there are several ideas that can be considered opposite to the original idea, for this reason, the format provides not only one but five spaces for these new ideas. If you already have multiple ideas, you can assign a different idea to each team



Many of the ideas considered "opposed" to the original idea are also ideas of great potential, or at least they can serve as inspiration for other ideas. Let teams present their opposing ideas and encourage intervention by other teams to improve them. At the end you will have an expanded bank of ideas.



Download the PDF format at the following link. The format is in large size (1/4 of spread)

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