Reinforce the ability to identify new relationships and patterns, fundamental to innovation processes. And learn a new WakeUpBrain game!

Many of the brain's creative abilities can be reinforced using games. In particular, it is possible to work on the ability to identify relationships and new patterns, which is fundamental in the generation of original ideas. This mini-course presents a couple of key elements on this topic and teaches a very fun game using the WakeUpBrain.

Course Content

First section
Welcome 00:04:00
Relationships between concepts 00:00:00
Exercise: What do they look like? 00:00:00
Inductive reasoning 00:00:00
Sherlock inducer 00:05:00
Tricks, games, tips 00:00:00
Second section
WakeUpSherlock: a WakeUpBrain game 00:00:00

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