A community of people who share the dream of creating a better world using creativity

Who's a brainer?

All graduates of WakeUpBrain certification programs are part of an international community called brainers.

It is a group of people committed to finding solutions to important problems in society and developing creative capacities in people.

Their main belief is that games are a fundamental tool for achieving these purposes


The Brainers understand that:

  • So much of what we've learned, since we're kids, we've done it playing
  • That playing away creative limitations, paradigms, barriers between people
  • That the laughter, the excitement of competing, the satisfaction of sharing, the surprises of each new discovery and all the elements that make part of the games are profoundly human and open new possibilities when you want to produce real changes.

How do I become a brainer?

Each year, in various countries, training programmes are opened in the WakeUpBrain methodology. Find the most convenient by following the link below:



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Exclusive area

By following the link, you can enter the exclusive area for brainers with resources and material to support innovation processes.


Brainers Zone

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