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Sometimes, when you are doing a working session, you need to divide a large group of people into teams of different sizes. The WakeUpBrain can be a helpful resource to do that endeavor. Here are some ideas. You can start by giving everyone a card. Then:

  • 6 teams: Ask the participants to search others having the same color of mask/heart on the card. Be sure to explain to them to use the upper mask/heart and not those placed on the side of the card. Since the masks/hearts come in 6 different colors, you will end up with 6 teams. You can previously prepare the deck of cards to be sure each team will have the same amount of members.

  • Other sizes: As with the previous game, ask the participants to search for others that have the same mask/heart color. In this case, limit the amount of people that can join a group. For example, the instruction can be: «search for three other people that have the same mask/heart color». To increase the emotion, you can set a time limit for everybody to be in a team.
  • Teams with something in common: Ask the people to walk around and, at your order, stop and look for a random partner nearby. Then ask the duos to build a story involving the elements of their cards. You can then ask them to walk in pairs and, at your order again, stop and combine their story with another duo nearby. You can repeat the procedure as many times as you want to have bigger teams. At the end, you will have teams with their own story.
  • You can play tricks using the numbers present on the cards. For example, you can ask them to organize themselves in groups of 4 to 6 people, but they have to do it in a way that they reach a specific number (e.g. 100) using the numbers present in their cards and applying any math operation they want. In this case, the group selection game works as well as a «brain warming» and an «ice-breaker».
  • Alphabet soup: Prior to handing out the cards, prepare a deck in a way that forms different words using the letters on the cards that will be handed out. Once you have handed out the cards, you can use a paper or a projector to  show the words, mixed between other letters so they are not so easy to spot. Now you can ask the whole group to search for the words and «write» them grouping themselves according to the letter in their cards.